The principles and practical approaches outlined in this book aim to inspire you to get moving on your digital transformation. Our goal has been to show that transformation is achievable — in every organization, and within every department and line of business. Being a digital-first company isn’t only for the biggest players in the market, like Apple or Amazon. It’s for your company, too.

With the six principles and the Starter Kata, your company can evaluate and choose your initial points of transformation, and see the positive impacts on your people and your bottom line start to roll up like a snowball.

You have everything you need to get started. The talent, the skill sets, and the leadership. We believe in the power of human potential, once inspired with the permission to own their work, to set goals, and overcome obstacles. Digital transformation is no longer a dream that you’ll start on someday, when you have “enough” time, talent or resources. You can start today, and we hope you will.

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