Final thoughts

We can’t reiterate enough the importance of simplicity when it comes to choosing a framework. In our eight year history as a consultancy, we’ve tried many of the popular frameworks. We hired specialist coaches to train our clients’ teams (and our own teams), bought all the books on the market, and spent thousands on training sessions.

Simple beats complicated, every time. We preach this to our clients in every other respect, including processes and tooling. When it comes to frameworks and offering our advice on how to get your business transformed, we decided to practice what we preach.

This is not to say that other frameworks have nothing to offer. We have been successful in coaching large companies using a number of the other approaches. But in the case of a digital transformation, especially if your company is not in the position to hire a number of framework-specific coaches, the “keep it simple” rule reigns supreme.

Your business is complicated enough, as it should be. Keep your transformation models easy to understand.

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