Why it works

When researching for this book, we considered a number of different frameworks to include in the micro-transformation model. Ultimately, we felt the Starter Kata was the easiest way to help coalitions and pods apply the principles in this book and get working quickly.

The Starter Kata is the easiest model to understand and implement that we’ve found. If you’ve taken so much as a high school science course, then the process of implementing the Starter Kata is familiar to you. This is in stark contrast to many of today’s most popular frameworks that seem to take years to master.

Plus, the Starter Kata is not prescriptive. It does not tell you explicitly what to do, but it teaches you how to learn your way through uncertainty. Once ingrained, it will help you create the foundation for a continuous learning organization.

Lastly, unlike many of the more prescriptive frameworks, you don’t need to alter your existing processes to make them conform to the framework. Instead, the Starter Kata applies a continuous improvement approach to your existing processes and makes them better. Working this way will eliminate a lot of the overhead that comes with many other popular frameworks while achieving similar or better business results.

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