Common failure modes

  • Adopting CVA in principle while leaving the legacy operating model in place

  • Creating slices that are too broad in scope

  • Creating slices that fail to engage your full organizational ecosystem

  • Using deterministic measures of success to gauge performance

  • Targeting outputs over outcomes

Pragmatic Insight:

CVA is ultimately about product creation as your primary business capability. Budget and schedule are legacy governance modes that destroy this capability. Using these measures, your teams will either: a) Re-implement your last system with vague promises of achieving the higher-order customer experience goals “next year”, or they will b) aggressively copy the best-in-class work of the last three years. In both cases, you don’t have a customer experience model that works in complex environments (see Part I), or that creates customer-obsessed teams that instead produce the work that others will copy in the future.

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