Final thoughts

The CVA principle’s utility is in providing an organizing principle and mindset that can be applied to any type of initiative. Whether it's a new business model invention, legacy business model differentiation or internal process improvement, the key is to always think about the benefit to customers first. That’s not to say that traditional measures of success like ROI and shareholder value are not important, because they are, but they are better suited to guide investment decisions, rather than direct them.

At Rangle, customer value and adaptability means adopting an outside-in strategy: Focusing each piece of your business on creating value for your customers, and continually adapting to change. It’s an organizing principle and a mindset shift that can be applied with success to any kind of initiative. By placing the customer value at the heart of the business model, it becomes impossible to stagnate, resist change, and lag in the adoption of best-in-class tools and practices.

In the next section, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of why technology must be central to your business strategy, and how it can get you closer to your customer.

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